IBS – My Kingdom for a pill

Anyone who has a lifelong condition, must surely dream of the day an extraordinary scientist creates the pill which cures their ailments  in the blinking of an eye.  As an IBS sufferer that yearning never dies.

Learning to accept, that as with most of life’s difficulties there is no easy answer is really the first step in gaining control of IBS.  I have known many deeply intelligent individuals who have been swept away on the carousel of promises made by so many of the products out there only to be crushed time and again.

It is entirely natural to wish for a miracle cure, it is mentally healthy to wish for a miracle cure.  

What is important though, is to acknowledge that for most severe sufferers of IBS no such things exists.   When you have to endure a restricted lifestyle or diet as a result of a condition, there needs to be a way of ensuring that we are able to offer a clear concise benefit for doing so.

There are a plethora of quotes out there about the importance of living life to the full, from Lincoln to  Joan Rivers.  Due to the subtle, incremental nature in which IBS gradually dominates your life, it is hard to sometime realize the full extent to which it has.  One thing I can assure most severe IBS sufferers is that it has affected the way you think, the things you do and when you do them.  For most it becomes the dominant factor in life.

The simple message is to stop waiting for the magic cure, and start taking the steps which will liberate you, to live your life to the full.  I personally wasted a big chunk of my life expecting one of the thousands of products I tried to be the one which ‘fixed’ me, only to be disappointed.  It cost me money and more importantly time.

Accept that to live a full life, sacrifices will have to be made.  That is the beginning of the journey to recovering your life from IBS.

“I should have known better than to rely on pills. You can't buy unconsciousness quite so cheaply.”

― Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin


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