My IBS Story

As fellow sufferers will know, this then generates anxiety issues.  If I went anywhere I had to know that there were bathrooms available.  I had to avoid busy areas and tended to avoid unfamiliar places.  I did not wish to tell my friends and family why I was so stubborn about where I wished to go, this is not a problem that is easy to share, it’s embarrassing and hard to find any sort of empathy from those who are not blighted.

The problems continued for some time before I visited the Doctor.  This time I was prescribed Codeine to solve the IBS.  Codeine works to a degree, however it takes a psychological toll and is horribly addictive, as I was to discover when I stopped taking them.

After years of struggle with IBS, I finally find myself in a place where I am in control of my life.  To this point IBS has been in charge.  It has affected my work, my social life, my family and my ability to function as a normal human being.

As a teenager I developed the usual skin problems and was prescribed the antibiotic ‘Oxytetracycline’.  Meant to be taken as a short course, I ended up taking it for four years constantly.

Antibiotics and the stomach do not get along.  I was left with an utterly useless digestive system.  Every single time I ate, a fear would ensue that I’d have to rush to the closest bathroom.  Most times I’d make it, occasionally I would not.

Then I met with a nurse.

She recommended a variety of ways to approach the IBS, firstly get off the antibiotics and codeine, secondly sort out my diet.  Like anything worthwhile the road to recovery was slow and often painful.  While my stomach improved, I was still left with anxiety issues.  Learning to trust your stomach is very difficult when it has been such an Achilles heel for so long.

Then I met a clinical psychologist.

She then took the physical improvements and taught  me techniques to relieve the symptoms of anxiety.  None of these issues work instantly, however the feeling of gradually clawing your life back is empowering and wonderful.

Along the way there have been many ups and downs, however it now feels as though I have won this battle, and this website is dedicated to helping others through a condition that is all too often dismissed. When IBS is at it’s worst it can utterly dominate your life.

I’ve spent a fortune on thousands of different products, had my hopes dashed time and again when presented with yet another miracle cure. I’ve looked at the psychological and the physical side of the condition and am now able to offer you the benefit of all that experience.

I can offer no miracle cure, no instant fix.  I can help you to improve your IBS, I can support you to improve your quality of life and I can be there for you through your highs and lows in a way that only a fellow sufferer can, with kindness and empathy.

My struggle with IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome