Before proceeding we should state that this product deserves its own category as it sits somewhere between the natural and medicinal spectrum.  So if you have a bias against natural products, you may wish to reconsider your perspective with this product.

The following review has been conducted on ‘Silicol Gel’ purchased in the UK. We have placed a link to a similar US product below, however we must state clearly that they are not the same, the review is specific to ‘Silicol Gel’.  

We are often asked for a quick solution to the discomfort of IBS.  We always recommend that sufferers look at long term, lasting solutions, however we know the pain IBS can bring.  Therefore we looked at Silicol Gel to see if it could bring relief to an IBS flare up.

Silicol Gel

Product Description

silicol®gel, presented in two sizes, 200 ml + 500 ml, is a colloidal or highly dispersible aqueous solution of silicic acid taken orally.silicol®gel:

Containing Silicic Acid, a compound of Silicon & Oxygen, silicol®gel is a hydrated liquid gel that can be easily taken as an oral dose which then acts rapidly in the gastrointestinal tract.

The therapeutic action of silicol®gel is due to the large and reactive surface of colloidal silicic acid and its ability as an adsorbent to:


Lets get straight to the point.  Silicol Gel works.  This is not an IBS cure, it is not a magic fix, but it is very effective way of dealing with the pain and discomfort of IBS.  Refreshingly it is sold as such, and rather than making the usual extreme claims, it delivers its promises.

The main strength of Silicol Gel, is its soothing effect.  It is very hard to verbalise, it is more of a sensation of inner comfort and relaxation.  Any IBS sufferer will know the feeling of cramping, bloating and general discomfort that comes as part of the IBS package.  It is very difficult to relieve that discomfort, while there are some antacids which help, none are as good as dealing with those symptoms as this product.

The texture will concern some, despite being fundamentally flavourless, some may struggle with the appearance and texture of the product. However it is worth getting past any such issues, as this product may provide genuine relief. We state with all IBS products, what works for us may not work for you.  IBS symptoms vary between sufferers, that said we were impressed.  

Silicol Gel 4.9



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