Rezvera sounds a wonderful product. We have copied the list of properties it claims to deliver below:

It was with great enthusiasm that we begun this trial as, we always feel that any products that make strong claims should be able to back them up.


Product Description

Gas, constipation, diarrhea and stomach bloating could be more than a typical upset stomach. They are symptoms of IBS, the most common gastrointestinal (GI) complaint in the United States, affecting up to 40 million people.

RezVera is specially formulated with 18 different natural digestive enzymes to replenish essential enzymes that are lost while cooking. It is designed to help your body break own excessive proteins into nutrients so they can be absorbed completely by your digestive system. It prevents stomach bloating, intestinal gas , and constipation , which in combination are symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

All ingredients in RezVera are 100% natural and have been tested as safe and effective for those trying to improve digestive function.

Try RezVera if you're suffering with ANY digestive related problems. You can be on your way toward normal bowel movements and relief from IBS, bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea in less than 30 days!

The Trial

Fundamentally this is an enzyme product. Many IBS sufferers take enzyme support, particularly for lactose and gluten.  This is not specifically for either, however it promises to assist with the break down of proteins.  Whether it achieved this or not we were not impressed.  

It would be difficult to say whether this product actually achieved anything, it may well of done, however we were none the wiser, nor did we feel any better.  There was no relief for our symptoms.  Normally we would simply say that, it may just be u, and clearly there are many people who really like this product.  

Our issue is with the claims made regarding IBS.  Once again they are very generalised and therefore lacking in accuracy.  As the Amazon reviews show this product clearly works well for some, however it should be marketed and aimed towards a more specific target.

Many of the natural remedy products are now more specific about exactly which IBS symptoms they are tackling and this is a welcome change.  Products such as this are not cheap and they offer hope, to people in a vulnerable position.  We understand that they have to sell it, however we believe consumers respect honesty and with IBS products, you will buy good ones, time and times again.  IBS sufferers are incredibly loyal, in return they require honesty.

Rezvera  3.1

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