Falling off the IBS Wagon      

Like many IBS sufferers, my life involves a great deal of restriction and self discipline.  I must add at this point that I do not say that as a complaint in any way.  

We all have to make sacrifices every day, parents go off to jobs they often hate to look after their family, most of us eat healthily food despite the fact that doughnuts exist, and around the world people make sacrifices beyond our comprehension just to survive. So to reiterate, not complaining.

Restriction can become so ingrained in our daily lives that we do not even consider it, nor the consequences of slipping off our IBS wagons.  

Bad news

Over the weekend I received a dose of bad news.  I am lucky to have many friends, however there are two I count as particularly special to me.  One of them announced that they are moving abroad in a weeks time and it knocked me for six.  The net result was a weekend of forgetting about all the things that make life with IBS bearable and saying to hell with it.

The two main culprits in the state I find myself in now are alcohol and caffeine.  I know that they can both be a problem, however I am usually able to enjoy them in moderation.  This weekend moderation was thrown out the window and now it really hurts.

I must add this is not a hangover, I am very lucky in that respect, this is pure and simple pain.  This is IBS revenge.  I am usually able to go about my business freely, my IBS is wonderfully under control, however today I am revisiting the bad old days.  It is incredible to think that this is how I used to feel almost daily.

It is incredible to think that around the world millions of people suffer like this without slipping off the rails, and to be fair I sued to for the majority of my life that is how it has been, however thank fully now, this is a state I only find myself in when I lose control.

Lesson Learnt

Today and to some extent yesterday remind me that all the sacrifice is worth it, I do not like feeling like this, and I do not want to feel like this.  I have served a huge portion of my life under the sentence of IBS, and now that I have the tools to keep it under wraps I intend to learn a few new coping strategies so that the next time life throws me a curve ball, I am better equipped to avoid the stuff, we IBS sufferers should steer well clear of.

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Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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