The Dangers of Avoiding life through  IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Recognising Avoidance

We have discussed the issue of avoidance without really tackling some of the consequences of failure to address the situation.  As a protection mechanism for life, avoidance is a strategy we all adopt from time to time.  In avoiding situations we are able to bury our heads in the sand and lose awareness of the impact of our actions.

The problem is with this strategy, is that not only do we lose out on the rich tapestry of life, but we also risk losing and alienating others with our behaviour.  It is very hard for partners and family to deal with the way in which some IBS may feel that the only way that they can get by is to literally stay indoors.  

Long term IBS sufferers may build up an accumulation of experience which make day to day life very difficult.  The result is that they frustrate those around them by their inability to get out and live life.


While fellow IBS sufferers may recognise the difficulties you may face, friends and families do not have the benefit of understanding just how hard life with IBS can be.  This leads you with choices.  You can carry on avoiding life and risk losing the ones who love you, or you can open up to them, and put your heart and soul into finding a way to deal with your IBS.

Life Long Sufferers


IBS Health A Warning

The risks

I write this piece from the heart as personal experiences have taught me that failing to deal with your IBS can have massive implications upon your life and on your happiness.

I have lost friends and partners over my previous inability to overcome the effect IBS was having. This occurs through falling into an insular pattern.

For example getting to and from work could be tricky, so when I arrived home, I’d not wish to go out again.  

I’d be so happy to be able to just relax and not have to worry about my IBS for the evening that life was simply work, home and sleep.  While it is obvious that many  others are like that, it was not what I would have chosen.

Dragging others down

We only have one life, so if you have found yourself in the situation whereby you exist, rather than live it may be time for you to look at ways in which you can regain control.   Those around us may sympathise and put up with our ways for awhile, however you risk putting good relationships in danger if you become a slave to your IBS.

This is never easy, we are not saying that it will be simple, but by making the effort and making the changes you will automatically put the people around you on your side.  When you have them around you and with you , you will be amazed by how much this can help to put you on a road to recovery.