Personal Tip

The following is a brief and hopefully helpful insight into fighting IBS.  As sufferers will know the control of the stomach can become a daily challenge.

After years of IBS, many sufferers will no longer be sure whether the symptoms they feel are as a direct result of a physical condition, or as a result of the anxiety IBS generates.

If you analyse the situation it becomes clear that many of the problems we have come from the latter.The only way to describe this, is by thinking of how the symptoms won’t show up until you put yourself into a stressful or anxious setting.

All the time you are in comfortable, calm surroundings you may find that you have no need for the bathroom, then suddenly you may think of something, or go into a situation whereby the mind kicks in.

Learning to control the effect the mind has on IBS can actually take the longest.  I would like to share what worked for me, on the off chance that it works for some others, I am very aware that it will not work for all.

Tips from a Psychologist

Firstly an excellent Psychologist recommended that I think of myself in a calm,sunny environment. Learning to visualise a place in which you feel calm will take the edge off of the anxiety very quickly.

To add to this I had an anthem that would reinforce the feeling of safety.  In my case it was ‘It’s Alright Now’.  That would play over and over in my mind until the panic was over.

The song choice is clearly something for you to decide, however the point is that it is vital to learn ways of calming those moments where it feels like things are getting out of control.

Personal Tip

Personal tip to keep going through  IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome