College came and went, I started work and still Mr Average plodded on, until my IBS got worse and the nurse that was only supposed to be taking my blood test gave me some life changing advice about my diet (Thank you Mrs Driver!).

She told me to try cutting out things and to see how I got on.  I won’t say what it was that provoked such a big change as to a degree that is arbitrary (could be different for anyone), however the net effect was a sudden and dramatic turn around in my outlook.  I suddenly had energy and drive, everything started to change.

For those who may be thinking of simply carrying on with their lives, I would offer the following as a way of making sure you are aware what is at stake and possible.

While it did not clear up my IBS instantly one of the first changes to my diet had a massive and unexpected impact on my life - I became clever.

Little change huge impact

At school I had been regarded as clever, but lazy.  I went on to receive pretty woeful grades.  Then onto college and a repeat of Mr Average.  At this time my IBS was pretty awful, but I was by and large not letting it get in the way of having fun, hence few around me thought I was anything other than normal.

Mr Average smashes it

My new found energy eventually found me back at university.  Prior to this I had just completed another college course, however this was before I had adjusted my diet and once again I received very average grades.

So in effect University saw me in an academic environment for the first time, on a new diet. You can literally draw a line between the two versions of me.  The one before changing my diet and the one after.  From average student to top of my class.  

At University I obtained a First Class Honours Degree, with straight firsts in all my finals, unthinkable from a boy who had only recently bobbed along aimlessly. As time went by further improvements came along, and I was finally not only feeling better, but I was gradually winning my battle with IBS.  

This lead to some of the greatest times of my life, it was like a butterfly leaving its cocoon, I get a big grin on my face just thinking about it.  Since that time I have crammed in so much that I now feel like a very lucky guy indeed, but the crazy thing is I could have missed out on all that if it wasn’t for that nurse ‘Mrs Driver’.  

I dread to think about all the stuff I’d of missed if I hadn’t made those changes.  My life continues to not disappoint. I realise not everyone will be so lucky.  To this day I manage my irritable bowel syndrome, I have not cured it, but the changes made had such a profound effect on my life that it saw my whole attitude change, and I have returned to living life once again, I just hope that small changes like this can help some of you.

My Personal Tips for IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome