Probiotic Review Notes

The following trials were conducted by an IBS sufferer who had, developed their symptoms as a result of continued Antibiotic use.  The net result was a very poor digestive system, which required a major overhaul.

As with all products that we trial, the probiotics were used as per the manufacturers instructions.  With all trials the period relates to the time taken to use one of the products being tested.

We always state, and will state again that this is the experience of one sufferers, any IBS trial to be accurate should be conducted across the wide range of IBS symptoms, not just the experience of one sufferer.

With that said, we feel that any review we give, will be based upon the knowledge we have gathered regarding the relative validity of any product for IBS sufferers at large.  

We would never dismiss a product based upon the experience of one sufferer, and will always give a product a fair assessment.

Now Foods, Acidophilus and Bifidus 8 Billion

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Those with digestive issues and/or those prone to fungal infections should give acidophilus a try. I've taken acidophilus for about a year and Now's product seems to be the best. Taking acidophilus allows me to eat what I want and take necessary medications without worry of some undesirable side effect. NOW's acidophilus doesn't cause stomach upset and the ability to take one cap a day instead of three or four (as is needed with other probiotics) is an added bonus. A person could eat yogurt but I think swallowing a capsule with my other daily vitamins is easier.

Be aware that this product contains milk derivatives. Amazon's current product page indicates "Does Not Contain: milk,yeast,wheat,corn,soy,egg,preservatives." My bottle clearly says that it has milk derivatives and has a cautionary note that those who are highly sensitive to milk protein should be aware that NOW's acidophilus may contain minute amounts of casein.

Our View

Previously we reviewed a probiotic which we considered too strong.  The product in question  left the sensation of ‘over activity’. This is not something that could be levelled at this product.  There are numerous debates about the number of viable cells required to make a probitotic a valid proposition.

While most would agree that 8 Billion would be more than enough, it did not seem to provide enough viable cells to work for this particular sufferer.  This is not to say that it is a poor product, the feeling is that the product would be ideal for mild cases of IBS, however for severe IBS-d, the product did not seem to pass muster.

Despite this, as the reviews show this is far from a bad product, and for many it is worth a try.  It is simply worth considering trying a stronger product first if you feel your symptoms are on the severe side.  

NOW 8 Billion 3.2



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