IBS Treatment - Rapid/Frequent Motility

This common symptom can be utterly debilitating and very hard to treat.  Life is often  dominated by the need to base routines around restrooms.  While it may be hard there is a lot that can be done though, and despite the fact that it requires some discipline on your behalf, there are very few sufferers who are unwilling to make a few sacrifices for a better life.

Treating this issue requires a variety of methods and will also require some time and patience on your behalf.   We will also introduce a some what contentious medication which if used correctly and under supervision can produce great results.  The first step for any sufferer in this position is to look at diet.  While it is likely that you will have restricted your diet, if you introduce the Low FODMAP Diet principles into your  routine it is likely that you will alleviate many of the symptoms which lead to osmotic diarrhoea.  We also suggest cutting out known trigger foods, click here for ‘Foods to Avoid’.

Early steps

The following steps will not alleviate the problem entirely, however they will generally yield some improvement from which to build. Once you have started with a low FODMAP diet, look to make sure to try and eat throughout the day.  Small, but regular works very well.

Sufferers with rapid motility, will often live in fear and starve themselves throughout the day, just to get through.  If you can try to start the day with food and keep nibbling throughout the day to avoid bingeing when you get home and feel comfortable.  Avoid caffeine at all costs, caffeine is the devil in relation to rapid motility.

It can be enlightening to see just how much better you feel in yourself, when you start eating.  To be able to do this without anxiety you may have to choose a basic plain food that you trust implicitly, even if it is plain rice.


This may sound like a terribly dull existence, that is because it is.  To start with we recommend you keep things very simple, if you have rapid motility issues, anxiety will play a huge role in your life.  Fear of the unthinkable leads many sufferers to get anxious at the mere thought of doing anything which puts them in position of peril.  One of the ways to overcome that is by gradually proving to yourself that you can do things, such as eating in the morning.  In the early stages trying to much to soon is a very risky strategy that can back fire spectacularly.

If you can stick to drinking a steady supply of water, rather than anything fizzy, sugary or acidic that too will help.  Liquid can effect some, so do try and take small amounts of water frequently rather than too much in short spaces of time.  If you can follow this daytime ritual of abstinence you should start to feel more confidant about eating throughout the day and will gradually be able to add variety back into your diet, this early stage is purely about regaining trust in your body.


The evenings will allow you to enjoy a varied diet.  Remember that you must not let go entirely, however even with the Low FODMAP diet you are left with a great choice of foods.  Being able to enjoy your food when you are relaxed will aid your digestion, as will properly chewing your meals.

With such a restricted diet during the day, you will need to ensure that your evening meals are nutritious.  It is prudent to take a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral at this stage to assist the process.


A very high quality probiotic is usually highly beneficial for those suffering with this condition.  Most probiotic products have between 3-5 billion active cells. Products which have 20-30 Billion active cells are best suited in this instance.  This may not be the case for all, but certainly most sufferers will feel the benefit of good probiotics.  We have already mentioned a multi vitamin, however do assess your own health and if you feel you are lacking in some areas you may look to address that.  Vitamin B for example may be useful for those who lack energy.


Now for something controversial.  Many sufferers have been prescribed Codeine for their IBS.  Codeine has a constipating effect, and in terms of motility has few peers.  This is obviously a product that must be prescribed and used with the express guidance of your medical practitioner and is a step that should only be considered if you have severe quality of life issues.

Some doctors will prescribe, others won’t, this is a treatment which may depend upon your geography, however having been prescribed it previously, I will be writing a full and frank piece about the use of Codeine for IBS in the coming days.  We have included a couple of reviews from the IBS Tales website, as their sentiments are regularly echoed by those who have been in the grip of IBS.

As will become clear from the coming article, by all means speak to your Medical Practitioner about the use of Codeine, but be aware that it is not a long term solution and that there are a plethora of reasons to be cautious of its use, not least the fact that it is highly addictive.  For Codeine article please click here……


There is presently no cure for this type of IBS and while some may be lucky enough for it to go, most of us have to learn how to manage it.  Most of the good things in life make it worse, as can be seen from our foods to avoid list.  Our advice is to start with a routine of daytime discipline, combine with a Low FODMAP Diet and supplements.  Over time you will be able to gradually reintroduce variety into your diet, and discover exactly what is triggering your IBS.  You can also speak to your Medical Practitioner about Codeine and whether it is right for you.


For long term sufferers overcoming the mental barriers can pose the biggest problems.  Most sufferers develop routines and patterns to get through the day, breaking out of those patterns can be very hard.  It took a very long time before I would eat during the day, however now I would not miss that meal, as I know how badly skipping meals effects my IBS.  Trying to get to that point was a real battle as mentally I was comfortable with starving myself to avoid risk.

You may also have been conditioned by IBS.  There may be places and things which set off your anxiety and make you require a restroom.  Overcoming that conditioning is hard, as is regaining trust.  (Even after I stopped needing the bathroom all day long, it took a great deal of convincing before I could leave the house without a flurry of visits).  Physically, you can improve the symptoms by being strict with your diet and lifestyle, that will help quite quickly, mentally however can correlate  to the amount of time you have suffered.   

Please note the educational material presented is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your doctor prior to starting any supplement regimen or making any changes to your prescribed medications.

Rapid/Frequent Motility

Codeine Reviews

Review by Heather

I've had IBS for about 20 years. I've tried peppermint capsules, mebeverine, Imodium and codeine. The first two didn't help much, although I understand that they do help some people. A perhaps lesser known side effect of codeine is that it causes constipation. It does cause addiction if taken regularly, even on a really low dose, and you have to avoid all alcohol whilst taking it.

However, as a preventative drug for limited use when you know you would be really mega stuck if you had a flare-up, such as during long journeys when on holiday overseas etc, it is bit of a miracle drug and slows your digestive system right down. I always have a reserve of codeine but I am very careful not to use it very often.

Review by Craig

I have suffered so long from IBS-D. The pain and suffering was so prolonged and I only weighed 120 pounds for years. After years of searching and procedures and paying doctors' bills, I stumbled on codeine. This is the best thing to ever happen to me. I can eat whatever I want whenever I want. I now weigh 140 pounds.

I live my life normally these days, taking three pills a day. I have absolutely no problem taking this for the rest of my life. I cannot believe I have absolutely no symptoms while taking this medication. I do not care what anyone else thinks about me taking these pills; they have saved my life. I can actually leave the house and go to work and other things. I've been taking them for seven years now. I've had no side effects yet, but we'll see what happens after prolonged use of this med.

Taken from the excellent:  http://www.ibstales.com/codeine.htm