IBS- Related Disorders

The following pages discuss some of the IBS related disorders. By this we mean digestive disorders, such as Crohn’s and Colitis. While in no way wishing to diminish the severity of IBS, we must state that IBD’s pose a very serious threat to health and in this instance we feel that there is no other option than medical attention.  

Others may disagree, and we of course respect their perspective, our perspective is clear though.  We have simply provided a brief description of the symptoms and a list of some wonderful people that do some incredible work to help suffers of these dreadful complaints.

We have given brief description of the disorders, and recommend that you seek medical advice if there are similarities if you recognise any of the symptoms described.

Do not delay

We can not understate the importance of you acting upon any suspicions that you may have these disorders.  Whilst medical advice and IBS has a dubious track record that is not the same with IBDs.  There are far more treatments available and good medication which can be vital in controlling these conditions.

Crohn’s for example has very little to do with diet and general health, it is simply a very nasty condition.  As with anything once diagnosed then diet and general health are always vital, but unlike IBS it is not thought to be the trigger for these conditions.

For IBS sufferers it may be valuable for you to be aware of these  conditions.  Colitis in particular can be closely linked to IBS.  

Colitis is something that may be suffered in bouts, so ensure that if you have period distress that you take the opportunity to seek medical help at that time, do not wait for it to die down.



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