Searching for answers

Searching for answers

What motivated you to search for an IBS website ?  For many the search begins when you can take no more.  Most sufferers live their lives as best they can, however sometimes IBS pushes sufferers to a point whereby the need to deal with the condition becomes an absolute priority.

Amongst the vast amount of information on these pages we hope that you find some answers.  Writing as sufferers, we know that feeling when you reach the tipping point and have to deal with your condition.   You have taken a brave first step, and we hope that you are ready to take some more, as managing IBS  is rarely easy.

If you have come onto the internet in search of quick fixes, we fear you may be disappointed.  IBS  can be successfully managed and there are a number of things that you can do,  however for most people IBS takes time to treat, so please do not raise expectations that you can be quickly fixed, but do not lose hope.  While managing IBS is rarely quick, it is eminently achievable even in the most extreme cases.

Where are you ?

Given that IBS covers such a ludicrously vast  spectrum of digestive disorders the likelihood is that those of you reading this may have great variations in symptoms.  Some will be lifelong sufferers, others  will be new to the condition and will be seeking some basic information.

We have information on this website for all IBS variations and have added some guides to help you to navigate around the site to find the most appropriate pages for you.  Please click here to go straight to the ‘Guides’.

Don’t stop

Whatever motivated you to research IBS today, we hope that you find the answers you seek.  From our own personal experiences, we know that there are answers out there for you, and that you should never give up hope.  IBS can be a soul destroying experience, with few able to empathise with you.  

All the writes on this website have been where you are right now.  We have all been at our lowest ebb, before making the changes which turned our lives around.  This is not going to be easy, but it is utterly worthwhile.  Today you have made the most important step, now it is time for you to learn how to manage your IBS and regain control of your life.