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Each month we will be showing the very best IBS related article from the internet clips from You Tube.  Whilst some may contradict with some of the work on the site, it is all valuable and may have specific relevance to your own situation.

Being infected with the stomach bug Giardia may increase your risk of having irritable bowel syndrome or chronic fatigue years later, say researchers. But we can’t say that the infection actually causes these conditions.(continued)

By Sophie Ramsey

BMJ Group News

What does this mean for me?

Giardia lamblia is a common parasite (a protozoan) that’s found in water and can infect the small bowel. It’s a frequent cause of travellers’ diarrhoea among people visiting developing countries, where the drinking water may not be purified. Outbreaks of Giardia infection (called giardiasis) can happen in developed countries as well, if the parasite gets into the water supply. You can also be infected if you drink unpurified water from a stream or lake.

If you’ve had giardiasis, bear in mind that these findings don’t mean you will develop IBS or chronic fatigue. And if you’ve been diagnosed with one of these conditions (or both), these results don’t mean that Giardia infection is the reason. Many people develop these conditions who’ve never had Giardia infection.

IBS and chronic fatigue are complex illnesses that don’t have one single cause. Giardia infection may play a role but other factors - for example, family history of IBS - are likely to be involved, too.

If you think you may have IBS or chronic fatigue, talk to your doctor. Treatments help many people feel better, and new ones are being developed.


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