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“This book gives you many action–oriented ways of coping with your anxiety about anxiety.” —Albert Ellis, PhD, President, Albert Ellis Institute Is your job tying your stomach in knots? Do you toss and turn in bed at night? Are your ulcers having ulcers? Face it—you’ve got too much stress in your life, and it’s time to give yourself a break. The consequences of not dealing with stress range from poor health and broken marriages to premature death: not a very cheerful outlook. Thankfully, all kinds of stress reduction approaches are available today: from breathing and posture to imagery and meditation. These new ideas have taken the world by storm—and taken the pressure cooker off the fire for millions of chilled–out people around the world. Whether it’s love, work, family, or something else that’s got your anxiety in the red zone, here’s an easy way to improve your outlook.

Stress Management For Dummies will help you identify the stress triggers in your life and cut them down to size quickly, with tips on how to: Determine your stress level Relieve tension at work and at home Deal with difficult people Combat stress with diet and exercise Soothe your anger and worry Certified stress manager Allen Elkin, PhD takes the guesswork (and the added stress!) out of finding the stress relief system that’s right for you. After determining your stress level with a few simple tests, you’ll get step–by–step guidance on finding and eliminating sources of stress, in both your mind and body. Inside are hassle–free techniques, helpful advice, self–evaluation quizzes, and fascinating information on: Letting go of tension through breathing, stretching, massage, and more Clearing the clutter in your life—and in your mind Managing your time—setting priorities, delegating, and conquering procrastination Eating, exercising, and sleeping right Stress–resistant thinking Reducing interpersonal stress Personal relaxation techniques The top ten stresses in life The ten most stressful jobs With a wide but manageable array of stress–management techniques, strategies, and tactics, this is your own personal toolbox for stress relief. So relax, take a deep breath, and start reading!

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Given that we all choose to deal with stress in different ways, I can not recommend this book highly enough.  It is well written, and utterly practical.  It does not make suggestions which are unrealistic, it makes suggestions, which are common sense and easy to implement.

The fundamental question is did the book help ?  As an IBS sufferer, stress and anxiety are frequent themes, and no matter how well written a book is, it rarely manages to make real lasting effective changes to those issues.  This book, has genuinely helped, and it is rare to be able to say that.  Of the books read in this genre, it has the most realistic tips to coping with stress.

Many of the suggestions are painfully simple, and would not seem to be that important, however collectively they all add up to major changes and improvements in stress management.  This is not a deep, or intellectual book, if you are seeking a weighty tome then this is not your book.  However, its lack of intellectual heft should not disguise a book that is readable, practical and influential.  It will only work if you let it, and at the end of the day only the reader can decide if they wish to make the changes that will help them.


While this book is not specifically for IBS, any book regarding stress, is generally a good place to start for IBS.  There are now thousands of stress related books out there, so choosing the right one can be an arduous task.

Stress, is so common in today’s society that few of us recognise the slow creep that can overcome us.

Many of us hit the wine as soon as we get home, however at what point does it become a problem ?  One glass ?  Two ?  Three ?  It is really hard to recognise the point where we need help.  It is at this point that IBS can flare up.  This may vary between, a worsening of symptoms for existing sufferers, or the beginning of the condition for many in later years.

Learning techniques to cope with stress, represents our best chance to deal with the condition.  It is very  rare to be able top remove stress from our lives, we all need to pay the bills.  

When selecting the right book for you we also recommend that in selecting a book regarding stress that you look for something that matches your beliefs.  If you have faith in natural healing then, clearly you will be happier with a certain style of writing.  

Others wish for something, of a factual nature, there is no point denying your inner belief system on this.  If you recognise stress is present then the best thing to do is act, whatever form that may take.

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