10 Great Tips

6     Be disciplined. Sadly if you have severe or long term IBS you will have to make sacrifices in terms of what you an and can not eat. Whilst it is down to you remember that you are choosing between food and quality of life.

7     Learn how to deal with stress. This is not meant to trivialise a very serious issue in modern society, however stress and IBS are often bedfellows, thus it is incumbent upon you to try and find a way to cope with stress.

8     A healthy diet and lifestyle is a pre requisite. We like to specialise in honesty on our site and in doing so must state that IBS like most conditions is easier to treat when the sufferer is in a good state of general health. This includes both diet and exercise.  (Fatty foods can be very bad for some sufferers and should be avoided)

9    For long term sufferers IBS can be as much psychological as physical. Over the years sufferers can be conditioned into a state of anxiety, it is imperative to be able to think rationally and to distinguish between a physical bout of IBS and psychological one.

10   Don't expect a quick fix or magic pill. While sufferers who develop IBS as a result of medication for example, may find their symptoms simply die off, long term sufferers at present have no know cure. At present it is down to your own will and determination.

* If you are taking medication which may effect your IBS, be sure to bring this to the attention of your medical practitioner as there are now options.  Do not alter your medication without consulting a medical professional.

10 great IBS tips

New IBS Sufferers


New to IBS

1     Cut out harmful elements of your diet where possible. Coffee, alcohol (all the good stuff) fatty foods, and some medication (aspirin, ibruprofen, antibiotics) can have severe impacts on your digestive system. Where possible remove them from your diet.*

2    Make notes of the foods that effect you personally. We are all unique and react differently to certain foods. Make sure you know how your body deals with possible trigger foods (fresh fruit is one such example).

3     Be as open and honest as you can with those around you. Help them to understand your situation, you do not have to be graphic, but a touch of empathy goes a long way.

4    A high quality source of friendly bacteria, is almost always beneficial. Seeking out a superior source of friendly bacteria is much easier now with forums and honest reviews on Amazon, however try a few to find the right one for you.

5     Be patient when trying the many IBS supplements available. Some work, some do not, many take time before you know whether they have been beneficial. Most natural products do not work overnight.


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