10 Worst Tips

6    Doctors are rubbish.  Many sufferers have bad experiences with Doctors and the tendency can be to paint the whole profession with the same brush.  There are many wonderful Doctors out there, and it may just be a case of finding the right one.  We are aware that this is not always possible, in which case try to make sure that your Doctor is made aware when you are unhappy with the treatment you receive.

7    Changing diet does not help.  Whether that means being very strict with yourself, or following a plan such as the Low FODMAP diet, paying attention to diet can be vital in improving your day to day life. (This may be different for IBD’s research has shown mixed results in regards to diet).  IBS is generally a digestive reaction to the food we eat. If you drink lots of coffee, eat fast food, and don’t take care of your digestion see what happens.

8   If you change one thing, you can be cured.  For many IBS sufferers, the condition can be caused by an accumulation of factors, from Stress, through to diet and lifestyle.  It is rarely as simple as saying that if I change my diet that will fix it, it generally requires a rounded approach.

9    If a treatment does not work instantly try the next.  Most IBS treatments take time.  Try to give any treatment you try a reasonable amount of time before you try the next thing.  Try to think of IBS as healing a wound, which as we all know does not happen overnight.

10   There is nothing you can do.  IBS can not be cured, but it can be managed.  Some people do experience IBS which goes and therefore think that it has been cured.  In that instance it may simply have been the removal of the factor causing the issue, such as taking antibiotics, however long term sufferers need to find a way to manage the condition.  In which case there is much you can do, and lots of stuff to try.  It is a case of tailoring a treatment to your own needs.

10 worst tips for IBS

New IBS Sufferers


New to IBS

1     Lots of fibre.  Depending on the nature of your condition this may be the best/worst advice you may receive. As a basic rule if you have to use the restroom a lot, fibre will increase the frequency of your visits. Insoluble fibre is generally to be avoided if this is the case.

2   Drink lots.  Again if a high frequency of restroom visits is the problem then this will not help.  Plenty of water is essential, however take care as to when you drink that water, ensure it is at a time when it will not effect you.

3    It’s in your head.  No it’s not!  IBS is a physical condition which will eventually become psychological as well. Stress and anxiety may play a role, however they engender a physical reaction.

4  Plenty of fruit and vegetables.  Normally wonderful advice, and perfect advice for those suffering with constipation.  If you suffer rapid motility then this is not great advice.  Fruit and vegetables are a vital part of any diet, however we recommend that you use the low FODMAP list to find the right ones.

5    Only natural products work.  Many natural products are wonderful for IBS, but we recommend an open mind to both nature and medicine.  Most of the people who treat their IBS successfully do so combining both.  General medicine has been more accepting of natural methods of late and have added scientific weight to many of remedies out there.  Balance is the key.


Ten worst things about IBS 10 Worst Tips