Each stop on this road is vital to our goal.  The word holistic has been hijacked by alternative medicine, however in this context it merely relates to the fact that whilst IBS may start life as a physical condition, it soon progresses to a psychological one.

If you think that by simply changing diet or taking a pill your IBS will go then sadly you are mistaken.  The site follows this path and looks at how we can overcome the effects of IBS.

IBS Choices

The Road

IBS-Health.com takes pride in ensuring that we do not make sweeping statements about what will and what will not work. The path we suggest involves offering you suggestion and treatments which may work, whilst being aware that each case is unique.

At each stage hopefully you will find some information which will help you to discover what is causing your problem. You may not be able to fix it, but you will be able to find a way of working around it.

Finding the right path to treat IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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