The Can’t Wait Card

You may or may not have heard of the ‘Can’t Wait Card’.   Many charities and organisations such as the ‘IBS Network’ offer this card to IBS and IBD sufferers.

The aim of the card is to assist IBS sufferers to be able to use facilities in shops and elsewhere, upon presentation of the card.

Our Admission

We must offer something of a ‘mea culpa’ here.  At the very beginning of the process of building this website we wrote a blog knocking the ‘Can’t wait card’.

While we subsequently wrote a clearer blog to explain our stance, the damage had already been done.  A very nice lady pointed out at the time, that whatever we may have thought about the card that surely it was better that the card existed.

She was one hundred percent correct, and we deeply regret writing that blog.  Our feelings were personal and should have remained so, because for many that card works, and we have no right to criticize anything that works for you.  

Using the Can’t Wait Card

The Can’t Wait Card addresses a key issue for IBS sufferers in a time in which public facilities are either becoming fewer or so unpleasant that they do not bear consideration.  Having that card in your pocket will give you the confidence to know that in an emergency you have assistance in your pocket.

Much of the battle with IBS is psychological, knowing that there is a free bathroom will often reduce the levels of anxiety which lead to overwhelming desires to go to the bathroom.  The more time we have had to ruminate on this topic the more time we have realised that this is very useful tool for many.  Organisations such as the IBS Network, and many IBS / IBD Charities offer Can’t Wait Cards and you will find links to most of these in the IBS related conditions section of the website.

A Final Note

We again re-iterate our apologies for our ill thought through blog, which was a very useful catalyst for us.  It reminded us about the need to remain totally open minded in regards to IBS.  What works for one will not work for another.

On which note, you may not feel that this card is for you.  In which case you may be interested in our editorial regarding the diminishing number of public conveniences around the world.  Whatever side of the argument you may stand on the ‘Can’t Wait Card, it is certainly not harming anyone, and it is certainly helping many, so it would seem beyond churlish to criticize the card.

The Can’t Wait Card for IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome


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