Do we need to know this ?

If you have IBS you may be either fascinated or fed up with the digestive system. We have included here a number of digestive system videos as it is down to each individual as to how much they actually wish to know regarding the process.

We do seriously recommend any IBS sufferer to make themselves aware of the process of digestion. The complexity of it can be overwhelming at times, but it will give you assistance when you are discussing issues with your healthcare practioner.

This will hopefully speed up the process of finding the right path for you.  In particular it should give you insight into the point at which things are going wrong and this will be valuable information for your Gastroenterologist.

We repeatedly refer to the application of common sense throughout this website and one key area that this philosophy is invaluable, is in the realm of self awareness.  Learning to make not of and understand your own body and mind.  This may sound obvious, but the reality is that it takes us many years to know ourselves, what is good and bad for us. With the added knowledge provided by self education on the digestive system you stand a far greater chance of taking control.

How much do we need to know ?

The IBS-Health team is made of up sufferers, not scientists, however we make sure that anyone who writes for us, puts in a great deal of time and effort to understand this element of treating IBS.  To that end we ask everyone to read ‘The Digestive System: Systems of the Body Series’ byMargaret E. Smith and, Dion G. Morton.  If you feel up for a challenge this is an excellent book, with lots of great information to help you understand the digestive system.

It is written at a medical level, so please do not undertake this read unless you have a have a real thirst for knowledge.  If you do, then you will find this book gives you an excellent foundation in the subject and it will hopefully help you understand your condition.  

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