It’s not in your head.

One of the reasons that this website loathes those that claim that they have cured IBS, is the massive gulf in both symptoms and causality which make a one size fits all ‘cure’ utter nonsense.  This page and the following pages attempt to show that your IBS could be generated by any number of possibilities.

Before writing this website the team combined their own personal experiences with a great deal of scientific research and that added knowledge has proven to be invaluable in understanding IBS.  In doing so we must also add that it did not make us dismissive of natural remedies.  The prime example of this would be friendly bacteria, which for years was recommended without scientific justification, however research has proven it to be beneficial.  There may be other products such as this, which have not had the research to prove there worth.

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The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.

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There are many more potential causes of IBS than those listed below, however most complaints will fall into the groups below.

Please click on the above links to find out more about the potential cause.  Learning this information can pay big dividends in fighting your IBS.  The following information is largely from the work of  Barbara Bradley Bolen, Ph.D, we highly recommend her work, she writes a lot for

We would also, highly recommend the use of the HCP Live website for those who wish to keep up to date with the latest scientific developments:

Throughout this site we maintain that common sense should be your driving force, to which end, if a product works for you, then it is a good product.  That said we can not dismiss science so flippantly, our average life expectancy prove that science does know what it’s doing.

One final point that we must conclude with to reinforce our common sense philosophy, relates to research.  Most sufferers want a cure, or a pill, we want something to help us through, and as result can be trusting.  A cursory investigation into a lot of modern research practices paint a fairly grim picture.  Whilst we do trust science we are also very aware that conclusions can be bought.  If you wish to prove something, big companies are more than willing and capable to generate results which match their expectations.

So it is with a spirit of analytical common sense that we proceed.  Firstly we look at the potential causes of your IBS.

The Science behind IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Motility Dysfunction