10 Things you may miss

6   Sport.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for the sporty amongst you, IBS can pose a real challenge.  Some may choose to carry on regardless, other will lose out entirely.

7    Fast shopping trips.  IBS sufferers will generally have to read every packet of food they pick up to ensure that there are no ‘trigger’ foods lurking!

8   Not thinking.  You may miss the days where you simply did what you want, when you wanted, and you ate what you wanted when you wanted it……..

9   Social life. Severe IBS sufferers may find it hard to socialise as their life can be constantly disrupted by IBS.

10  Not having to apologise all the time.  IBS sufferers may have to regularly visit the restroom which may frustrate whoever you are with.  This may lead to frequent, explanations and apologies.

For most of t us this list is very personal and specific.  There are things that we have all personally lost and miss,  we hope that amongst this website there are hinst and tips which put you back in charge of your life and make this list redundant.

10 things you miss, with IBS

New to IBS

1   Travel.  New places can be tricky for IBS sufferers who generally like to know where the restrooms are.

2  Favourite Foods.  Pizza can be hard to replicate if you are deprived of dairy and gluten, as are many IBS sufferers.  Ice cream, coffee, the list of things you may miss can be endless.

3   Leaving quickly.  Getting out the house may be tricky, and is often a slow process.  It would be lovely to get up and go out.

4  Long walks.  For IBS sufferers with rapid motility issues, long walks can prove a problem.

5  Feeling comfortable.  Being bloated and constantly uncomfortable can become a daily ritual.  Would it not be nice to enjoy a meal without the pain ?

New IBS Sufferers


10 Things you may miss