The  truth for IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Nobody Likes The Truth

Having recently read a book that will not be to everyone's taste, it becomes clear that the inability/unwillingness of the human race to accept often basic truths can be quite astounding.  

The book is entitled 'Bad Science' by Ben Goldacre and debunks many of the claims made by the medical and alternative therapy worlds.   I have had many positive experiences of natural remedies, so whilst I do not share his view of them in entirety, I am still stunned how we as a race so often buy into  nonsensical claims which always share the same lie.

You can't handle the truth !

Whether it be pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or nutritional advice we are sold the idea that without patience, discipline, commitment or hard work we can instantaneously cure our ills.  Our need for instant gratification is fed by marketing teams keen to exploit this most common of human flaws.

The world of dieting sees the very worst of this excess.  Every five minutes a new fad diet comes along and presents itself to the public.  Promising rapid weight loss, as painlessly as possible, whilst including a woolly justification for its success.  The success of any diet is predicated on one basic factor, calorie deficit.   It does not matter how you lose weight, low carb, high carb, medium carb, high protein etc, it does not matter what constitutes the diet, the human body will shed fat when fewer calories than are required enter the system.

The best way is and has always been a healthy diet, with exercise.  It has always been so, from the moment the human body was conceived, it has been so.  Sadly many of us choose not to listen to that advice and instead are sold by the next beautifully marketed campaign. (For an alternative approach to dieting - is worth a look as it works on exactly those principles).  I must add apologies to those who have worked this out, however I myself used to make that same mistake, I have learned the hard way that patience and hard work cure most of our issues.

It's everywhere !

Spurious nonsense, such as the dieting claims are hard to avoid.  Face creams, cough medicine, healing creams, magic foods, the list is endless.  We at  feel the need to vent this frustration as barely a day goes by without nonsense appearing.

Its also getting worse.  The internet, as wonderful as it is, frequently presents fiction as fact.  There is information out there to back up any belief or theory to suit your argument.  We type in a search and will readily accept the results as verbatim.

A Different Approach

At, we take a different approach.  The truth is for most of us, overcoming IBS may take time.  If you've had it a long time, then sadly it won't go but may be managed.  To treat IBS takes patience, it also takes a great deal of sacrifice and a willingness to face facts.

We are the antithesis of those that promise much but repeatedly fail to deliver, we offer truth and hope, not lies and deceit.  So you choose, our way or theirs.


Patience Nobody Likes The Truth

The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.