Finding the right course of action for your irritable bowel syndrome can take a great deal of time and patience. While we sincerely hope that you receive the very best medical advice, that does not always occur, leaving you to do much of the legwork.

We urge you to be as patient as you can with this process, and to not lose hope when things do not go right. Sometimes it is just a case of trial and error and that in itself can be very challenging.  The best way to seek the answers, is to start at the very beginning and look at when and how your symptoms arose.


Has IBS been with you throughout life ?  Has it come on later I life ?  Have there been any major changes or events that lead to the onset ?  How is your diet and lifestyle ?  These are a tiny sample of the questions that need to be answered.

The possibilities thereafter are equally huge.  For example, lifelong IBS will be far harder to deal with, many lifelong IBS sufferers will have endured a myriad of tests and tried a multitude of  treatments and may have had no success. Thus the treatments will have to be carefully thought through, based on what has been observed throughout the prior period.  This does not mean that there is no hope, even the worst cases can have breakthroughs, we just urge you to stay strong.

Newer IBS sufferers have a far greater chance of dealing with their symptoms if they are able to isolate what triggered the onset of the condition.  In some cases it can be as simple as stress, which is one factor that can effect motility in both ways.  Dealing with stress is a highly complex task, but there is far greater awareness and support than there has ever been.

Charting Possibilities

With the endless nature of possibilities regarding the right way to treat IBS, we have included pages (which are available if you follow the link below) which offer medical routes to treating IBS in chart form.  If you notice these charts have massive variations in the recommended treatments of IBS, which is a further reminder of our loathing of ‘I’ve cured IBS’ sites (As we always say, you may have cured yours, but you have not cured everyone).

We hope that on these charts you find commonalities that assist you in understanding your own condition.  In our science section we have listed the key IBS causes and we do also recommend that I choosing a treatment that you consult those pages as they will give you a clear indication where the issues arise.

It is from there that you can asses whether you are better opting for a low FODMAP diet, taking friendly bacteria or seeking further medical advice.  While we are in no position to offer you a diagnoses, but we can certainly help you to find the cause.

How severe is your IBS ?

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