Date: 15/10/2012
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Tell the truth

This is a short blog from the heart.  Recently a relative has spent a small fortune visiting a highly respected practitioner having recently been diagnosed with IBS.  My relative is very well paid and intelligent and was able to use these resources to seek the very finest available help.

I was very interested to see how this went, only to find that over the course of two months the advice he was given was a watered down version of our own website.  My frustration is that I wish doctors and medical practitioners could be honest about how little we know still.


The digestive system is spectacularly complicated and whilst we know a lot more now, we do not know everything.  All to often we are given the impression that the medical profession is all knowing, well it is not.   Any one of thousands of issues could cause your IBS, it is unlikely in my lifetime that we will see a definitive cure or pill.  There are pills which can help, however they are not pills which have been developed for IBS, one of the most successful works as it has a side effect which has a beneficial quality for IBS.

Whilst we know an increasing amount about the digestive system, we simply urge caution. Lots of new products and lots of new advice appears out there daily, be careful of claims and be careful of throwing a fortune at products and services which will not help you.

In the meantime

Until we know and understand definitively what is behind IBS, we recommend that we face the honest truth.  The best way of watching our IBS, is through educating ourselves and learning what is and what is not good for the problem.  This varies person to person and is one of the reasons that blanket advice fails.

Our website gives you practical, common sense free advice which will point you in the right direction.   The site will not give you a miracle cure, but it will help you to live your life to the full.

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