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Throughout this website we have repeatedly stated that some things will work for some and not for others.  This is such an important point that we have decided to devote a page to it .  Possibly the single greatest reason for no known general IBS cure is the unique nature in which the condition presents itself .  The staggering complexity of the human digestive system would suggest that isolating a single fault for millions of sufferers would seem unlikely.

Unique IBS

We have also expressed our disappointment in those who claim to cure IBS.  They may be able to cure some, however no major medical organisation around the world recognises a ‘cure’ for IBS.  If anyone of those who claim to cure IBS had done so in a clear measurable way then that IBS treatment would have been rolled out globally years ago, and millions of people would be significantly happier.  You can ‘cure’ IBS in some, or at least alleviate the symptoms, however for society at large there is no cure.

Unique You

You are stunningly, and wonderfully unique.  You are a one off, special and unique.  The secret of successfully treating IBS is to recognise this and act accordingly.  There are pages of tips and advice from around the world, and we recommend that you cherry pick the tips that work for you.  To wrestle control of IBS, may take time as your individual IBS may require you to try many different treatments before finding the right path for you.  There is no singular way to deal with IBS, the only right way, is the way that works for you.

You are special