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We regularly encounter wonderful articles on IBS around the web and would like to open up our website to new writers. Our sole aim will always be to help other IBS sufferers and if you think that you can help us to achieve that goal please get in touch.

We are looking for articles which are helpful.  That may be you sharing your experiences, sharing your tips or even scientific information.  If you know something that may help please get in touch.

We have some rules to give you an idea about the type of content that we are after and we do ask that you always let our readers know that any suggestions may or may not work for them, as this site prides itself on recognising the individual nature of IBS.

We place an extremely high value on trust and please keep this in mind should you choose to share your thoughts with us.  Many thanks for taking time out to read this, we hope to hear from you.

The Website -  Rules

We have all worked very hard on this site and are very keen to protect its integrity.  We also do not wish to waste anyone’s time, so before you get in touch we have to make some of our principles clear.

Your chance to help others

This quote, is very much part of our philosphy

IBS-Health is a free website, which wishes to remain free, and at this time we are unable to pay contributors -  Thank you