IBS is a personal, private and often embarrassing condition.  It is hard to talk about amongst family, let alone amongst friends.  Doctors are not always very understanding of the condition and the quality of care you may receive can fluctuate significantly.

You will have bad days, and bad flare ups.  You may have to endure a great deal of personal embarrassment and often pain.  Few people truly understand IBS, it has become the by word for digestive disorders, however this can vary between mild constipation through to debilitating pain and constant restroom visits.

Few will make allowances for your condition, even though you will have to make allowances every day.  You will probably have a restricted diet and the simplest of task will be complicated by your IBS, it can effect your ability to enjoy life to the full in a way that is rarely considered.

The only people that recognise and understand this are fellow sufferers and that is why we care.  We care because we have all been there, we know that there are only a few out there that truly understand.  We are not victims, we make the best of our lives, but by and large we are misrepresented and this website aims to let other IBS sufferers know that we know what you are going through and we care.

The Website

Everyone who writes for IBS-Health has suffered with IBS. Most of us have suffered our whole lives and it has taken a very long time for us to wrestle back control.  One of the key reasons it took so long was the quality of information available.

We could list the hundreds of books, sites and guides we have read, which have not helped at all.  We could also list the literally hundreds of products we have all tried to help us with our IBS.   Some worked most did not, however they all promised so much and delivered so little.

We wanted to provide an honest website that promises nothing other than tips and ideas which should help.  They may work they may not, but if one fails you will find many more.  We make the point right from the start, that you are special and unique, therefore it may take time for you to find the right way forward.

With time and patience you will get there and we believe that you will find the answers you seek, right here for free. We do not want you to go through the same.  The very least you will get out of this website is empathy, however we hope that you find far more than that, we hope you find your freedom.

We have all been in a similar situation to where you are now and we want to get you to where we are now.  We do not claim to have cured IBS, but each of us have found ways to control IBS to the point where we dictate what we do.

Why care about your IBS ?