The Worst Restrooms

IBS sufferers will  sadly have to answer rapid call of nature which may lead us to less than salubrious restrooms. From exotic toilets through to gas stations, at some point IBS sufferers will have to visit a very unpleasant restroom.  This is our list of least favourite places to go.

Exotic Holidays;

We will not name names, however some countries have restrooms that are not of the standard we have grown accustomed to.

One in particular is burned into the memory, the cleanest thing in the restroom were the flies, so gross!

Festival/Concert/Sporting Event

Any restroom that has to undergo mass usage is generally pretty darn dreadful.  To add to the misery, you have to queue for ages for the opportunity to use a restroom whose only redeeming feature is the powerful chemical odour that takes some time to leave the memory.

Gas Stations

We have no idea what the restroom is like in this Gas Station, it may be wonderful. However it is a lottery, some are OK, but when they are bad… Oh boy!

Beautiful bathrooms for those with  IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome


The Wild

Emergencies may land us up in the bears natural habitat.  There is no pleasant time to exchange pleasantries with a bear, least of all when you are answering natures most urgent call.

Bar/ Nightclub Restooms

Like the people we end up going home with, Bar/ Nightclub restrooms start off looking fantastic. If you look at them when you’ve sobered up, the picture is not so pretty.






Worst Restrooms